Specialty Products Division that produces energy-saving Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation
The EnduraTech™ Premier Roofing System is a high-performance, durable, lightweight roofing solution which reduces your building's energy needs and maintenance costs.

Spray Polyurethane Foam
10-011 2.8 lb Density SPF
10-011 3.0 lb Density SPF
Acrylic Coatings
EnduraTech R 70-012
Standard acrylic coating for SPF and various substrates
EnduraTech Q 70-014
Quickset acrylic coatings for SPF and various substrates
EnduraTech HT 70-015
High tensile acrylic coating for SPF and various substrates
EnduraTech M 70-026
Acrylic coating designed for metal roof restoration
  *Colors available — White, Gray, Dark Gray, Tan, and Sante Fe Tan
Silicone Coatings
EnduraTech Silicone 70-025
Single component moisture-cure elastomeric coating for use over SPF and
various substrates
Polyurethane Coatings
EnduraTech U 70-021
Single component moisture-cure urethane that is illuminated and
developed for SPF and various substrates
Butyl Coatings
EnduraTech B 70-024
Single component, solvent-based, moisture-cure elastomeric vapor
retarder coating
EnduraTech AP 70-016
Water-based acrylic primer
EnduraTech S 70-018
A trowel-grade patching compound great for cracks, screw heads, seams, and other minor imperfections.
Seam Tape
EnduraTech Seam Tape Self-sealing tape used for sealing out moisture.
EnduraTech Fabric
T-272 Reinforcing fabric
PDF's Pages Both

13-004 Adhesive Data Sheet
70-012 Enduratech R Data Sheet
70-012 Enduratech R MSDS
70-014 Enduratech Q Data Sheet
70-014 Enduratech Q MSDS
70-015 Enduratech HT Data Sheet
70-015 Enduratech HT MSDS
70-016 Enduratech AP Data Sheet
70-016 Enduratech AP MSDS
70-018 EnduraTech S Data Sheet
70-018 Enduratech S MSDS
70-021 EnduraTech U Data Sheet
70-021 EnduraTech U MSDS
70-024 EnduraTech B Data Sheet
70-024 EnduraTech B MSDS
70-025 Enduratech S Data Sheet
70-025 EnduraTech S MSDS
70-026 EnduraTech M Data Sheet
70-026 EnduraTech M MSDS
70-027 Enduratech HS Data Sheet
70-027 EnduraTech HS MSDS
70-028 EnduraTech Data Sheet
70-028 EnduraTech MSDS
70-029 EnduraTech Data Sheet
70-029 EnduraTech MSDS
70-030 EnduraTech QS Data Sheet
70-030 EnduraTech QS MSDS
70-035 EnduraTech Primer Data Sheet
70-035 EnduraTech Primer MSDS
Butyl Seam Tape Data Sheet
EnduraMetal Handout
EnduraPlus Handout
EnduraRock Handout
EnduraStore Handout
EnduraTech 10 year Material Warranty
EnduraTech 10-011 SDS (GHS Compliant)
Enduratech 10-011 Technical Data Sheet
EnduraTech 15 year Material Warranty
EnduraTech 5 year Material Warranty
EnduraTech Brochure
EnduraTech Checklist
EnduraTech Detail Drawings 1-32

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